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Analysis Of Common Problems With Cold Bending Equipment!

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China Jiangsu QIangli Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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—— ROOFTECH CO., Simth

Wuxi BLO Machinery provides good quality roll forming machines, till now, the machines have been working 3 years, no any break, we are very satisfied.

—— Khan

We already bought more than 5 machines from BLO Machinery, We are happy with their quality, their service, and their company progress.

—— Dirk Sowma

We got the CU purlin machines from WUXI BLO Machinery, this machine is very convenient to make 12 profiles in one machine, and the speed is very fast

—— Diego Vergara from Ecuador

Hi, thanks for BLO Machinery, We bought the double layer roll forming machine from BLO Machinery, they supplied the good quality machines for us!

—— Carlos Gomez from Columbia

We are steel company, We boght slitting line and the wall angle machine from BLO Machinery, the slitting machine is very stable and working well.

—— Fenton Chua from Philppines

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Company News
Analysis Of Common Problems With Cold Bending Equipment!
Latest company news about Analysis Of Common Problems With Cold Bending Equipment!

Ome people are not very familiar with cold bending equipment, but inevitably encounter some common problems in the process of use.BLO as manufacturers of cold-formed, based on years of experience give us a summary of some common problems and treatment methods.

1. What is the advantage of the C-shaped steel machine in cold-formed steel equipment?

Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel. Therefore, the equipment for making cold-formed steel, which we call cold-formed steel, is of certain importance. Among them, the C-shaped steel machine, if used, can bring the advantages of simplifying the production process and improving the production efficiency.

2. Cold-formed steel purlins, can it be produced using cold-formed steel equipment? In addition, what are the techniques for cold bending of I-beam?

Cold-formed steel purlins, which can be produced using cold-formed steel equipment, and which is completely problem-free. As for the cold bending of the I-beam, it is also carried out with cold-formed steel equipment. Its operation skill is to press down and gradually form several times.

3. For steel bars, if they are cold-formed with cold-formed steel equipment, then what is the cold bending performance?

For steel bars, cold-bending with cold-formed steel equipment, then its cold bending performance, specifically, refers to the bending properties of steel bars at a normal temperature. Moreover, this is a certain indicator, not a quantitative indicator. Therefore, at this point, everyone should be clear that it cannot be mistaken.


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