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Forming Machine and Its Structure

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China Jiangsu QIangli Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Forming Machine and Its Structure
Latest company news about Forming Machine and Its Structure

Forming machine is a kind of high-performance forging equipment which shears and plasticizes coils and can produce hundreds of bolts per minute. According to the different structure of forging die, various parts and screw blanks can be produced. In this paper, the structure and characteristics of the forming machine, which is a piece of indispensable equipment in the bolt manufacturing process, are described, and the latest functions and development trends of the forming machine are introduced. In recent years, there are two technologies deserving special attention in the forming process: one is to change the preparation process and improve the operation rate technology; the other is high-precision forming technology.

Forming machine is a kind of horizontal press, which is mainly driven by a crank mechanism. The forming machine cuts the material, i.e. coil or bar, into a specified length, and then clamps the blank between the fixed forging die (cavity block) and the movable forging dies (force piston) for forming. It is mainly used for cold heading and hot heading of bolts, rivets, and components.

Construction of Forming Machine

The forming machine is composed of a transmission device, feeding device, shearing device, forging and pressing device, pushing device and conveying device. The main driving device is the main generator, which transfers power to the transmission mechanism. It regularly drives gears and cams through pneumatic clutches.

The feeding device consists of a straightener, a conveyor roll, and a feeding driving deviceThe straightener is used to straighten the bending coil, the conveyor roll is used to feed the wire into the rolling room, and the feeding driving device is used to adjust the transmission stroke of the wire, so that the transmission length of the wire can meet the required requirements.

A shearing device is a device that cuts wires into specified lengths. It is equipped with a block to control the material to stop at the prescribed position and a pusher to push the sheared wire out of the shearing machine.

The forging device changes the rotary motion into reciprocating motion through the crankshaft, thus driving the plunger that holds the force piston.

The pushing device consists of KO on the female mold and PKO on the force piston, which pushes the formed blank out of the forging die.

The conveying device is the device that conveys the billet to the next working procedure. The nut forming machine is equipped with a rotating chuck capable of reversing the forming direction of the positive die and the negative die by 180 degrees. In addition, the bolt forming machine is equipped with an open cam and a machine hand with timing switch to clamp the blank.

The driving system of the forming machine can drive the whole system with one main generator. Each agency can work at a fixed time.

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