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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

China Jiangsu QIangli Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
China Jiangsu QIangli Machinery Co.,Ltd certification
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—— ROOFTECH CO., Simth

Wuxi BLO Machinery provides good quality roll forming machines, till now, the machines have been working 3 years, no any break, we are very satisfied.

—— Khan

We already bought more than 5 machines from BLO Machinery, We are happy with their quality, their service, and their company progress.

—— Dirk Sowma

We got the CU purlin machines from WUXI BLO Machinery, this machine is very convenient to make 12 profiles in one machine, and the speed is very fast

—— Diego Vergara from Ecuador

Hi, thanks for BLO Machinery, We bought the double layer roll forming machine from BLO Machinery, they supplied the good quality machines for us!

—— Carlos Gomez from Columbia

We are steel company, We boght slitting line and the wall angle machine from BLO Machinery, the slitting machine is very stable and working well.

—— Fenton Chua from Philppines

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Company News
Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine
Latest company news about Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

What are the performance advantages of the steel silo roll forming machine?

1. Advanced design: With more than 20 patented scientific design concepts of shape and internal structure, the diameter of the steel silo can be designed to be 20-60 meters, which can be increased with special needs. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1.1 and 1:1.5.

2. The structure is unique: the steel silo body is cylindrical, the top and the bottom of the steel silo are spherical-shaped, and the base is around bucket type.

3. Large storage capacity: single storage capacity of 1-5 million tons, can build a larger capacity storage group.

4. Convenient storage: Material storage method According to different materials and factory conditions, hoisting machine storage, chute storage or pneumatic pipeline storage can be adopted.

5. Advanced storage: The large-scale steel silo adopts the strength of the family, and designs a new pneumatic out-of-stock system to transport the materials in the warehouse to the designated position by pneumatic pressure.

6. Less initial investment: Due to the adoption of a number of patented technologies, the use of the steel silo not only saves about 50% of building materials but also saves more than 60% of the land.

7. Safe and reliable: using vacuum sealing patent technology, the physical indicators are basically unchanged within 9 months of cement storage. After storage for more than 18 months, except for a slight extension of the coagulation time and a slight decrease in the flexural resistance, other indicators remained basically unchanged.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection: Patented dust removal technology is adopted in the process of warehousing and delivery, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

9. A wide range of uses: This versatile large steel silo can be used not only for cement, fly ash reserves, but also for petroleum, chemical raw materials, food, feed, etc.

10. Economical and practical: low operating costs - the discharge system uses patented technology, the energy consumption per ton of discharge is about 0.3-0.5 degrees; the maintenance cost is low - the maintenance cost of ton is 0.1 yuan/year; the service life is long - it can be used according to the specifications, and can be used for about 50 years.




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